*If you are looking for a lost pet or a Return to Owner via Animal Control (ACO), please ring the doorbell and someone will assist you during our regularly scheduled hours. We provide return to owners everyday of the week*

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Volunteer Program


Almost Home’s volunteers are a vital part of our organization and help us in a variety of ways. Volunteers can assist with many different tasks such as walking dogs, cleaning kennels, or helping with offsite events. Our volunteers allow us to provide a better quality of life for our animals while they wait to find their forever home. Will you help us care for the homeless pets in our community? 

Volunteer Requirements

Individuals: Individuals 18 years or older must submit a volunteer application and attend an orientation and training session before volunteering.

Teenagers: Teenagers 16-17 must submit a volunteer application and a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. The teenager must attend an orientation and training session before volunteering. 

Children: Children 13-15 years of age are welcome to volunteer with a parent or legal guardian. Both the child and the parent must submit a volunteer application and attend an orientation and training session before volunteering. Minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times while volunteering at Almost Home Humane Society. 

Groups/Clubs: Those seeking options for volunteer groups can email our Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected]. Groups can volunteer on a regular basis or for a one-time event. 

Court-Ordered Community Service: Almost Home accepts court-ordered community service for some offenses. To apply for this program applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Visit Almost Home Humane Society at 1705 S. 2nd St. in Lafayette or use the attachment below to fill out an application.  

Volunteer Applications

The first step to becoming a volunteer is to complete the volunteer application. Applications may be dropped off at the shelter or emailed to [email protected]. Once your application has been approved, you will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator via email to attend an orientation and training session.

Please note: all adult volunteers are subject to a background check.

Volunteer Tasks

Dog Area

Primary Tasks:        

  • Walking dogs in Adoptable Dog and Puppy Room areas
    • Includes recording which dogs have been walked and reporting any abnormal behavior or signs of illness to the staff
  • Daily cleaning of kennels in Puppy Room and Adoptable Dogs
  • Washing dog dishes (food and water bowls, nylabones, Kongs, etc.)
  • Cleaning floors and dog carriers/transport crates
  • Assisting with adoptions
  • Laundry

Additional Tasks:

  • Fill Kongs with peanut butter and place in freezer
  • Refill dog water bowls
  • Refill “treat cups” in adoptable/puppy rooms
    • Treat cups can occasionally be taken to the dog kitchen to be washed with dish soap and refilled with fresh treats
  • Empty and clean out dog toy bins in dog kitchen

Cat Area

Primary Tasks:        

  • Daily cleaning of cat cages in the adoptable cat room
  • Socializing adoptable cats in the visitation room
  • Socializing adoptable nervous cats in their cage
  • Washing cat dishes (food and water bowls, toys, etc.)
  • Washing cat litter pans
  • Laundry
  • Assisting with adoptions

Secondary Tasks:

  • Refeed cats in the evening (ask a staff member first!)
  • Refill cat water bowls
  • Pass out treats/catnip to adoptable cats
  • Sanitize empty cat carriers/transport crates and put in the storage shed
  • Brush cats
  • Other tasks as assigned

Upkeep Team

General cleaning and maintenance of the shelter:

  • Weed mulch beds, parking lots, and around the property
  • Organize sheds
  • Organize pole barn
  • Laundry
  • Washing dishes
  • Scooping yards
  • Cleaning wire crates and cat carriers for storage
  • Sweeping/Mopping
  • Painting
  • Additional cleaning tasks

Front Desk/Greeter

General administrative and entrance area assistant:

  • Greeter
  • Restock retail store area
  • Collect donations
  • Escort guests to adoptable animal areas
  • Laminate and cut documents and labels/signage

Special Events

Assist with events both off and on-site:

  • Set-up/tear-down
  • Loading/unloading of animals
  • Interacting with the public, answering questions, crowd control, etc.

For more information about volunteering and how you can help the homeless pets of AHHS contact the Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected].