*If you are looking for a lost pet or a Return to Owner via Animal Control (ACO), please ring the doorbell and someone will assist you during our regularly scheduled hours. We provide return to owners everyday of the week*

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Wish List

Thank you for your interest in helping shelter animals! We have created a wishlist for anyone interested in donating materials. Supplies are vital to supporting our mission and continuing to help animals in need. We use these most often and are always grateful for any donations. 

Wish List


  • Purina Dog Chow Chicken (Green Bag)
  • Purina Puppy Chow Chicken (Blue Bag)
  • Lamb or Fish Protein Dog Food
  • Canned Dog Food (Adult and Puppy)
  • Treats - Rawhides, Milkbones, No-hides
  • Freeze Dried Treats
  • Lasting Chew Toys
  • Esbilac Puppy Milk
  • Kong Toys
  • Rope Toys
  • Tennis Balls
  • Dog Toys
  • Shampoo
  • Brushes
  • Rubber Toys
  • Durable Frisbees
  • Leashes (All sizes, no chains)
  • Dog Collars in All Sizes (Green, Blue, Red)
  • Metal Food/Water Pails


  • Purina Cat Chow (Blue Bag)
  • Purina Kitten Chow (Yellow Bag)
  • Pate Canned Cat Food (adult and kitten)
  • Shreds Canned Cat Food (adult and kitten)
  • Freeze Dried Treats
  • Zinc Free Diaper Cream
  • Forti Flori
  • Clay Litter
  • Non-Clumping, Unscented Cat Litter
  • Paper Litter Pellets (Yesterday’s News)
  • Litter Boxes
  • Nutri-Cal Supplements
  • Baby Wipes
  • Cat Toys
  • Catnip/Treats
  • Corrugated Scratchers
  • Fox Valley Day 1 Kitten Formula
  • Bottles for Kittens
  • Miracle Nipples
  • Small Food Scale
  • Small Heating Pad (Not Auto Shut Off)

Cats, Dogs, and Pocket Pets:

  • Baby Shampoo
  • Clippers/Nail trimmers
  • Leashes/Collars
  • Advantage or Frontline Flea Control
  • Oxbow Essential Adult Guinea Pig Food
  • Oxbow Essential Adult Rabbit Food
  • Kaytee Timothy Hay
  • Treats and Toys
  • Water Bottles (No Drip)
  • 90% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Microwaveable Heating Pads
  • Nutri-Cal Supplement
  • Sentry or Feliway Calming Collar/Spray
  • Calming Beds

Cleaning and Paper Items:

  • Hand Sanitizer - 70% alcohol or greater
  • Lysol Spray
  • Liquid Hand Soap
  • Bleach/Dawn Dish Soap
  • Clorox Wipes

For Offices:

  • Thick clear packing tape
  • Staplers & Staples
  • 20# Copy Paper, Any Color
  • Flashlights & Batteries
  • Post-Its
  • Postal Stamps
  • Black Permanent Markers
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Lamination Sheets
  • Blue Gel Ink Pens
  • Black Gel Ink Pens


  • Disposable Gloves (Any Size)
  • E-Collars
  • Q-Tips/Cotton Balls
  • Pill Pockets
  • KWIK Stop
  • Tongue Depressors
  • Topical Flea Medication (Dog and Cat)